Official License Partner for US Sports

At Great Branding, we have recognised the upwards popularity trend for U.S Sports in UK and Europe and with that welcomes a growing demand for new official products. 

Licenses such as the NFL, NBA and NHL are becoming prominent in everyday culture, through lifestyle and fanwear and we want to further enhance that all important connection a fan has with their beloved team.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the Great Branding Company, i hope to work with you in the future, thanks for your essential help.”

Athletic Bilbao

“Always good to do business with you and thank you for being on the ball and getting us stock so quickly – lets hope that we get to work together again sooner rather than later!”

Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

“Thank you for your help and effort to get all the products as quick as possible. It’s been a pleasure to work with you and i’m really looking forward to the next season.”

Athletico De Madrid

After identifying a gap in the European marketplace, it was clear to us that access to officially licensed hard goods was absent for a U.S Sports fan, whether they be new to the game or a hardcore supporter. Through our continued passion to deliver the best of the best merchandise, and recognised by the leagues for this reason, we’re proud to announce that we’ve been appointed by the NFL, NHL and NBA to distribute officially licensed hard lines across UK and Europe!

With access to all team rights and imagery across the leagues, our brand-new product categories range from drinkware, novelty, LED lights, towels, bedding, limited-edition collectables, and the list continues!

Unlike apparel, which is overly abundant in the marketplace and can become quickly outdated, our retailers have been experiencing great success through our new categories as they don’t cannibalise any existing sales and rather complement instead, further building new revenue streams.

Through creativity, innovation and introducing brand new products to the marketplace, our goal is to be the home of U.S Sports hardlines within UK and Europe; and to intensify the eternal bond that connects a fan with their team.